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Isometric Grid Step-by-step construction
Isometric Grid Download printable
• BOOKS: Tezhip and Arabesque

Turkish style
(Books in Turkish, unless noted)

- Inci A. Birol, Çiçek Derman

- Ince A. Birol

- Ilhan Özkececi & Bilge Özkececi

- Sema Onat

Persian style 
(Books in Farsi and English, unless noted)

- Amir-Houshang Aghamiri  

- Mohammad-Reza Honarvar

Golhaye Khitai (Farsi only)
- Parvenu Iskandarpour

- Ardashir Mojarrad Takestani

- Mohammad-Reza Honarvar

- Brian Wichmann, David Wade
(Highly Recommended)

- Serap Ekizler Sonmez
(Highly Recommended – in Turkish, but thorough and easy to follow)

- Khaled Azzam, Prince's School of Traditional Art


The Royal Alcazar of Seville with a Ruler and Compass
- Manuel Martinez Vela

The Alhambra with a Ruler and Compass
- Manuel Martinez Vela

Islamic Art and Architecture: System of Geometric Design
- Issam El-Said

Geometric Concepts in Islamic Art
- Issam El-Said, Ayse Parman

Symmetries of Islamic Geometrical Patterns
- Syed Jan Abas, Amer Shaker Salman

Islamic Patterns: An Analytical and Cosmological Approach
- Keith Critchlow

Mimar Sinan Cami Minberlerinde Beþgen Geometrik Desenle (Turkish)
- Serap Ekizler Sönmez

Zillij: Art of Moroccan Ceramics
- S Samar Damluji, John Hedgerow

Arabesques: Decorative Art in Morocco
- Jean Marc Castera
• BOOKS: Sacred Geometry & Basics

Drawing Geometry: A Primer of Basic Forms
- Jon Allen

Sacred Geometry
- Robert Lawlor

How The World Is Made
- John Mitchell

Hidden Geometry of Flowers
- Keith Critchlow

Sacred Geometry
- Miranda Lundy

Sacred Number
- Miranda Lundy

Ruler and Compass
- Andrew Sutton


Divine Inspiration – Seven Principles of Islamic Architecture
- Nisreen Moustafa

Symbol and Archetype: A Study of the Meaning of Existence
- Martin Lings

Art of Islam, Language and Meaning
- Titus Burckhardt

The Majesty of Mughal Decoration: The Art and Architecture of Islamic India
- George Michell, Mumtaz Currim

Islamic Architecture of Deccan India
- George Michell, Helen Philon

Mughal Architecture and Gardens
- George Michell, Amit Pasricha

The Minbar of Saladin: Reconstructing a Jewel of Islamic Art
- Lynette Singer

Geometry in Gold: An Illuminated Mamluk Qu'ran Section
- Marcus Fraser

Splendors of Qur'an Calligraphy and Illumination
- Martin Lings

The Art of the Qur'an: Treasures from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art
- by Massumeh Farhad, Simon Rettig
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