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Introduction essays 

Interview with Richard Henry (Video)

Oludamini Ogunnaike (Video)

Evolution of Islamic Geometric Patterns
by Yahya Abdullahi, Mohamed Rashid Bin Emdi

Geometric Proportions
by Loai M Dabbour


Archives and Research

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Zakhrafa School by Mohamed Aljanabi

• BOOKS: Tezhip and Arabesque
Curves: Flowers, Foliates & Flourishes in The Formal Decorative Arts
Lisa DeLong

Turkish style
(Books in Turkish, unless noted)

Inci A. Birol, Çiçek Derman

Ince A. Birol

Ilhan Özkececi & Bilge Özkececi

Islamic Art of Illumination (English)
Sema Onat

Persian style 
(Books in Farsi and English, unless noted)

Amir-Houshang Aghamiri  

Mohammad-Reza Honarvar

Parvenu Iskandarpour

Ardashir Mojarrad Takestani

Mohammad-Reza Honarvar

Brian Wichmann, David Wade

Arts and Crafts of the Islamic Lands: Principles, Materials, Practice
Khaled Azzam, Prince's School of Traditional Art

Islamic Design: A Genius for Geometry
Daud Sutton

The Alhambra with a Ruler and Compass
The Royal Alcazar of Seville with a Ruler and Compass
Manuel Martinez Vela

Islamic Art and Architecture: System of Geometric Design
Issam El-Said

Geometric Concepts in Islamic Art
Issam El-Said, Ayse Parman

Symmetries of Islamic Geometrical Patterns
Syed Jan Abas, Amer Shaker Salman

Islamic Patterns: An Analytical and Cosmological Approach
Keith Critchlow

Mimar Sinan Cami Minberlerinde Beþgen Geometrik Desenle (Turkish)
Serap Ekizler Sönmez

Zillij: Art of Moroccan Ceramics
S Samar Damluji, John Hedgerow

Arabesques: Decorative Art in Morocco
Jean Marc Castera

• BOOKS: Sacred Geometry & Basics
Drawing Geometry: A Primer of Basic Forms
Jon Allen

Sacred Geometry
Robert Lawlor

How The World Is Made
John Mitchell

Hidden Geometry of Flowers
Keith Critchlow

Sacred Geometry
Miranda Lundy

Sacred Number
Miranda Lundy

Ruler and Compass
Andrew Sutton

Divine Inspiration – Seven Principles of Islamic Architecture
Nisreen Moustafa

Symbol and Archetype: A Study of the Meaning of Existence
Martin Lings
Art of Islam, Language and Meaning
Titus Burckhardt

The Majesty of Mughal Decoration: The Art and Architecture of Islamic India
George Michell, Mumtaz Currim

Islamic Architecture of Deccan India
George Michell, Helen Philon

Mughal Architecture and Gardens
George Michell, Amit Pasricha

The Minbar of Saladin: Reconstructing a Jewel of Islamic Art
Lynette Singer

Geometry in Gold: An Illuminated Mamluk Qu'ran Section
Marcus Fraser

Splendors of Qur'an Calligraphy and Illumination
Martin Lings

The Art of the Qur'an: Treasures from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art
by Massumeh Farhad, Simon Rettig


Professional-grade 'Masterbow' drawing compass set *
Recommended Brands: Rotring, Staedtler, Jakar, Alvin, Linex

Mechanical drafting pencil, 0.3 mm, with 2H or HB lead
Recommended Brands: Rotring, Platinum Pro, Pentel, Pilot, Staedtler

Clear acrylic ruler with parallel guidelines
30cm, 15cm

Fineliner pens - Gel or steel tips 
Recommended Brands: RotringPilot, Staedtler, Uni

Retractable eraser
Brands: Tombow, Mitsubishi

Ultrasmooth Bristol Paper, 200gsm+
Brands: Canson, Strathmore, Daler Rowney

Dropbow Compass

*  For the 2mm lead compasses, sandpaper to sharpen the lead regularly is a MUST


Mechanical drafting pencils
0.5 - 0.7 mm, grades HB, 2B

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